Addressing our carbon footprint is an all encompassing circular process: from the materials we use and
the appliances we specify to our reusable packaging, use of 100% Green Energy and tree planting we are
committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our impact on the environment. This is an
ongoing journey for us but we believe that local businesses and locally made goods are inherently more
sustainable than those that are shipped from around the world as well as being of superior quality and
longevity. Our materials and fittings come, in the overwhelming majority, from within Europe.

At David Hall Kitchen and Furniture Makers we:

  • Use 100% Green energy from 100% renewable sources in our workshop and showroom
  • Plant 10 trees a month with Ecologi who also use carbon offsetting to reduce our carbon footprint
    and contribute to making every staff member carbon neutral
  • Buy timber products from FSC certified sources.
  • Reduce plastic packaging – we use only reusable packaging for our furniture
  • Reduce supply chain shipping and the emissions and plastics that go with it by sourcing European
  • Use energy efficient kitchen appliances to reduce food waste – a major source of global emissions,
    landfill and shipping, and water efficient state of the art laundry and dishwasher appliances.
  • Encourage the recycling of old kitchens through the Used Kitchen Exchange
  • Are a local business, that in turn supports local businesses

    Bespoke furniture is made to last a lifetime