Price Guide

We make all our cabinets & furniture from start to finish in our Cambridgeshire workshop and we price our projects according to the materials and processes needed to make them, and the time it takes to make them. (We commission specialist items such as bronze metalwork from other bespoke makers). This means that a large kitchen with lots of work in it will or one that mixes veneered and wood accents and detailing will cost more than a simple painted kitchen. 

Drawers cost more than cupboards, and we love to include drawers where possible as they offer the best and most accessible storage where everything is on view, and avoiding dead space at the back of cupboards. Breakfast cupboards, with retracting pocket doors are a fantastic feature, but the hinges are extremely high quality (as all our fittings are) and complex pieces of engineering that take time to set up, and the cost reflects that. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far, a double pantry cabinet is also a wonderful choice, with or without an internal worktop.
The main cost centres are:
Internal wireworks and lighting
Sinks and taps

As a starting place, a simple painted kitchen, with full height (ovens and fridges) elevation, sink elevation and island, including bin and corner wireworks will cost from around £33,000 which breaks down to:
Cabinetry including internal wireworks and lighting £16,000
Quartz Worktops £5,000
Installation £6,000
Appliances, sink and tap £6,000

These are all very ballpark guides and depend on your choices and all include VAT. A larger kitchen with high end features, lighting, materials and finishes may cost in the region of £50,000 plus.
For smaller projects and one off pieces our minimum order value is around £5000 including VAT.