Our clients are a couple with a grown up daughter who live in the depths of Suffolk. Their brief was to create an individual bespoke kitchen around a centrepiece island that had
character and a story to tell - that was artisanal, unique and personal to them.


The scale of the room allowed us the luxury of designing without limitation, and when we showed the clients our Accordia Kitchen they quickly chose concrete as the ideal material to give the 6m long island the presence and mass needed to hold its own in the space.

The concrete island, cast in situ, is beautifully finished by hand, and has a lovely texture and sheen. To counter balance and harmonise with this industrial material, David scoured the country for ancient timber that he could reclaim and create the unique drawer fronts you can see here.


The timber was rescued from a barn in Suffolk. At the workshop, our craftsmen worked on it until it was back to ‘good’ timber, which is then cast in black resin, and hand finished. The result a beautiful unique drawer bank whos every crack, fissure, worm hole and wany edge tells a story.

The aim was to create crisp surfaces from the time-ravaged timber rather than a ‘rustic’ theme - the rich colour is a result of the timber having been planed hundreds of years ago. It has a genuine quality and honesty in a world of mass production.