Solid Wood Bath

Solid Wood Bath


This project from 2003 always raises exceptional comments and questions and is a true one off (in that we would have to be persuaded very very hard indeed to make another!) The manufacture started ....


...with the purchase from an FSC certified source of over a ton of Indira, a South American species related to teak which has a very high oil content and water resistance. Over 200 planks were planed, sanded and jointed together.

CAD drawings were made and the basic internal shapes were hand cut to form a terraced interior which was laminated and clamped together, first in small groups, then the entire piece finally assembled together.

Finished Project

Every internal surface has been hand-planed and sanded until it was absolutely perfectly smooth – this process alone took several weeks. The entire piece was then oiled many times to achieve this beautiful finish.

You can see the internal curvature of the piece in the end grain of the timber, and also the sheer number of joints...

On D day we craned the bath onto a flat bed truck to take it to Marylebone, where the street had been closed, then craned it into the apartment where floor had been specially strengthened to take the weight. (approx 700kg)