This kitchen is in a 'contemporary vintage' style. It features double-stepped door and drawer front details and beautiful handles in beaten Britannium hand-made by an artisan workshop in Italy.


Wrapped in Caesarstone, the island is high on drama and low on clutter - from the garden it looks like a simple stone monolith, the worktop also wraps to the floor on the wall elevation.

Refined, elegant and practical, with a beautiful flow of light from the skylight, windows and doors to the garden, the kitchen is at the heart of family life, linking dining and living areas.

Finished Project

With defined spaces for all aspects of cooking, preparation, serving and clearing, the location of each appliance carefully considered to take the work out of meal making.

The alcove is contained within a frame to create a sense of 'place' for the coffee machine and dried foods, lighting above creates a decorative lighting detail that comes alive as the sun sets.