Little Shelford

Little Shelford


A kitchen that is elegant, earthy and mellow for a family with teenage children and a large dog who regularly entertain, the room design had to be free flowing and hard-wearing.


Solid oak corner pillars root the three metre long island firmly into the ground, forming the centrepiece and focal point of the kitchen. A marriage of traditional construction and contemporary style.

The proportions of the in-frame sideboard and wall cabinet emphasise space, light and horizontal theme. The top run has timber drawer fronts made from a single piece of oak, and plinths are set back.

Finished Project

Traditional solid oak drawer construction with hand make dovetail joints and bespoke shaped oak internals designed and made to be kept organised. Notice also the end grain on the drawer fronts.

"From very early on in the process it was obvious that David is driven by quality and detail - exactly what we were looking for...David is a very experienced and instinctive designer.

Thanks again for all the hard work involved in producing our beautiful kitchen - we absolutely love it and I know that we'll spend a lot of time in just one room from now on"

Fiona, Little Shelford