Our client loved symmetry, balance, alignment, immaculate finish and perfect installation  – the result, a really beautifully proportioned, highly detailed room of furniture that is a genuine pleasure to be in.


The kitchen is finished in a specially mixed custom shade of grey that has been polished to a high gloss 'piano' finish. Fillet spacers ensure the ovens align perfectly with the drawers and wall cabinets.

Note the task lighting with polished lacquer recesses, also the piano finish to the side cheeks and underside of the wall cabinets, you can also see here how the flush top pelmet has been carefully scribed to the ceiling.

Finished Project

A wenge wood veneered framework contains a backlit Perspex trellis which displays the wine collection.  Note also the beautiful scribing to the Victorian cornice and skirting, and the wenge bookcase to rear wall.

The island is the focus of the room, it is a gathering point to meet, eat, prepare food and socialise.  A key ingredient (pardon the pun!) of contemporary kitchen design and often our client’s favourite feature.