Colour and Light

Colour and Light


Our brief was to convert a light and high atrium entrance hall into a family room with the installation of feature book cases, a computer desk, and a screen creating a division between the front entrance and galleried atrium beyond.


The glass used is stained cathedral glass largely manufactured in Eastern Europe, and is exquisitely beautiful with intense colours, fissures and ripples. At 3mm thick, it had to be laminated with clear glass to make it safe for the application here.

We were inspired by the paintings of Mondrian and used the proportions of his work to define the relationships between horizontal and vertical planes, with colours selected to conjure woodlands, lakes and fields over changing seasons.

Finished Project

Each pane of glass is sandwiched between two frames tightly inserted either side of the main frame. We have used over 75 unique pieces of glass, so over 150 frameworks were made and sprayed and the pieces assembled on site - quite a process!

In terms of risk, this design would fail every test of viability - so much could have gone wrong. But I am proud to say that the team rose to the creative and logistical challenge of this design and through a lot of hard work achieved a very special and beautiful room for our client.