Design by David Hall.

We are an independent artisan company of whose approach embraces the house, the home, and the whole creative process – from concept to completion, every interior piece is made from start to finish in our Cambridgeshire workshop. In short, we create beautiful British furniture to suit the most exacting requirements of any client, and because we bring our original design vision and architectural perspective to bear on every detail of our design there is a greater scope to what we can do.

David Hall trained at Chelsea School of Art and has been a bespoke furniture maker for over 30 years. His design approach is about you, our clients: it’s about making beautiful bespoke furniture that’s right for each individual and each space. Everything we do is inspired by design and shaped by a full understanding of our clients’ needs, their ideas and the bigger picture of their lives.
We are open down to earth people who will work closely with you (and your architect or interior designer if you have one) to ensure the overall plan, and every specification and detail are spot on. We keep up to date with appliances and home technology to ensure your interior is fit for the future.

We take responsibility for every stage of the process – from the first sketch, through manufacturing and finishing to the final tweak of the installation. We personally oversee every aspect of your project to ensure your room takes shape exactly as intended.
To ensure that your needs are met, we request a guide budget before we embark on the design process as this will dictate how ambitious we can be, the scope and the quantity of furniture we can provide. Alternatively, we can give you an estimate before undertaking any design work.

Our fee for your fully detailed 3d design by David, Frances and our CAD expert is £300, which is redeemable from your deposit on commission of your furniture

From idea to commission

Step 1 - Briefing meeting

We have a briefing meeting​, either here at our workshop and showroom, or at your house. It is useful to see what you love and love-less about your present kitchen in your present kitchen, equally it is interesting for new clients to visit us in Melbourn, see work in progress, our set-up, and be able to spread out on our meeting table and get into the detail your dream kitchen, life style, appliances etc. Either from our site survey, or from your drawings, we can provide a ballpark estimate of costs for your furniture, worktop, and installation. It is useful to establish your budget at this meeting as this will define how ambitious we can be with your design.

Step 2 - Model your room

David, myself and our CAD technician will model your room​ in 3D. Together we visualise the ideal working layout, and the most practical locations for the main appliances, storage areas, serving, eating and clearing zones - where the functions will flow in a logical way, creating an efficient work space. We focus on visuals - identifying dramatic elevations and drawer banks, integrating architectural features, considering viewpoints and 'sweet spots', the ergonomics, practicalities and dynamics of your space.

Step 3 - Present our design

We meet to present our design​ and run through the thinking and reasoning behind it. You will see your room model in full detail with every elevation of furniture drawn as we propose to make it. The main presentation will be exploring the model - we can walk around it, view from every angle, zoom in and out of details and we will also produce a photo-realistic render of one or two key views. Materials, colours and finishes will be indicative in the model and we start the conversation about these, your mood board, and also discuss any revisions or alterations you may suggest that would make the kitchen work better for you. After this meeting, we will prepare a full quotation for the project, including appliances and splashbacks.

Step 4 - Design development

At this meeting we will finalise the layout, get into the nitty gritty of cabinet internals and wireworks, appliances, and continue our work on the materials and finishes pallett for your kitchen.  We will look at worktop materials, wood veneers, paint colours and specialist finishes, handles, splashbacks or tiles all in the context of other choices you may have made for flooring, wall colours and furnishings in order to bring the project together at every level.