If you have a project in mind, even with a long lead time, we would like to invite you to arrange a complimentary design consultation. This would usually happen at your house where we can get to know you in your 'natural' surroundings, and importantly see the room we would be designing for. If you are at the planning stage of an extension, that is fine too, we can work from your plans, or those of your interior designer or architect. If you would prefer to visit us at the workshop where you can also see projects currently in production, you would be extremely welcome, a call ahead would be appreciated especially if you have far to travel.

We will create a fully detailed 3 dimensional design of your whole room. This will include as much information as possible, including nib walls, alcoves, and other architectural features and be as close as possible to the furniture we propose for your room when it is complete (of course it won't be quite as good as the real thing). We understand that every bespoke design is a unique process or journey, and that in larger projects there are often two or three stages before we reach the



finished furniture that is perfect for you - we find that the as design develops, clients' ideas and desires clarify and become more focussed and we always welcome your collaboration.

The subject of budget will have to come up at some point, and we like to have a guide in mind when we commence the design as this will dictate, to an extent, material selection and styling details, but also the quantity and scope of the brief. We won't inflate our price to match your budget, it usually rather works the other way, but we believe that an honest dialogue on the subject is best from the start. Our clients say that they receive excellent value for money and we are confident that our prices realistically reflect the manufacturing processes, materials, finishing and installation of your furniture (without the overheads of a High St showroom or national branding campaigns).

If your project is a kitchen, we offer advice on appliances, sinks, taps worksurfaces etc. We have   wide experience with premium and mid-range brands including Gaggenau, Miele Siemens and Liebherr, and keep up to date with new thinking and directions, technology and 


innovation as impartial professionals. You can purchase your own appliances if you wish, or we have regular contact with suppliers and can offer a competitive price across most brands. We take delivery of your appliances at the workshop, where we can dry fit and ensure perfect alignment of doors, shadow gaps, shut lines etc. and re-deliver them with your furniture. We include task, ambient and feature lighting within our design scheme.

Our lead time for furniture delivery is currently around 4-8 weeks from approved design, depending on complexity of the project. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Frances or David Hall on 01763 261010.